Whatever life throws at you and your circumstances change you need to move. There is a nagging question: where to get boxes, crates for moving & storage? Remember boxes for moving and storage are as important as the move itself, the right materials are everything for a smooth and successful transition.

We have compiled a guild to help you through where you can get boxes, and crates for moving and storage. All the pieces of information you need for fast, secure and convenient moving packaging are here! Whether you are a student, a family or a business person in charge of an office, we should have what you require.

There are steps you should take care of when moving and storing – these are your belongings and there are measures you can take, choosing the right boxes and crates that will help protect them during their time in the storage facility

Cardboard boxes

If you are moving house or storage, there are different kinds of box sizes to choose from book boxes, wardrobe and standard removal boxes. Whatever the scenario always ensure that you pick strong steady double walled boxes. Double wall cardboard boxes are manufactured from two layers of rigid corrugated fluting with a tough puncture-resistant Kraft outer lining making them ideal for heavy-duty moving, storage or shipping.

Packing paper/Off-Cuts

There are two most commonly used packing papers, Acid-free tissue paper ideal for family heirlooms and silver as they won’t tarnish and the off-cuts are perfect for china, plate and many more. High-quality packing paper is the perfect product. This paper is designed not to rip when in transit, ensuring that your packages remain resistant to harm and damage without difficulty

Bubble wrap

You can choose from general-purpose bubble wrap to protect your fragile items when transporting or getting ready for storing to prevent damages or breakages. Items such as TV, electronics, vase and so on. You also have the choice of premium bubble blankets which are stronger and provide ultimate protection, especially for high-value goods or can be used for export packs when shipping oversea

Moving crates.

Plastic crates are ideal for a range of applications, from industrial use, catering, and retail to moving house or storing office supplies. They are strong, robust, flexible and come in a range of shapes, colours and sizes. Most of the plastic crates are stackable for extra efficiency. You can hire moving crates, especially for office relocation or buy some. They come in different sizes to accommodate A4 files, office computers and peripherals.

Where to Get Boxes, Crates for Moving & Storage

Moving Supply Stores: Stores specializing in moving and packing supplies are reliable sources for boxes and crates. They offer a variety of sizes and types specifically designed for moving.

Home Depot Stores: Many home improvement stores, such as B&Q, and Homebase sell moving supplies including boxes and crates. They usually have a dedicated section for packing materials.

Online Retailers: There are many online retailers that sell moving boxes and crates. Websites like Amazon, Argos, and Big Brown Box offer a wide selection and convenient delivery options.

Local Storage Facilities: Self-storage facilities often sell packing supplies, including boxes and crates, to cater to their customers’ needs. You can check with storage facilities in your area to see if they offer packing materials for purchase.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets: Local grocery stores and supermarkets can be a good option for obtaining free boxes. They typically receive regular shipments and may have spare packages available for customers to take.

Your local off-licence: Wine stores are known for sturdy and uniform-sized boxes that are ideal for packing smaller items. These boxes are often available for free or at a minimal cost.

Friends and Family: Ask friends, family, or coworkers if they have any spare boxes or crates from recent moves. They might be willing to give them to you or sell them at a discounted price.

Remember, when acquiring boxes and crates for moving, ensure they are clean, sturdy, and in good condition. Avoid using damaged or weak boxes as they may compromise the safety of your belongings during transit.