There are many storage options today in London apart from the traditional Self Storage units to more revolutionalised valet storage which are affordable and flexible alternatives. The best part is cheap and secure without you leaving the comfort of your home or office.

That’s why, with SMARTBOX Storage, you can schedule our full-service storage, allowing us to put away your valuables safely. At the same time, you create the necessary space for them with our storage collection and delivery services without the need for DIY Self Storage Units,

Self Storage units were initially designed to help homeowners move their possessions more quickly than they could use traditional vans and moving trucks. However, over time, SMARTBOX Storage has helped customers in London identify other ways to use Self Storage Units. Among the most common uses for storage units are:

  • Additional Home Storage – Declutter your home by storing rarely-used items rather than packing your attic, garage, or closets.
  • Home Renovations – If you need storage while you renovate your home.
  • Business Storage – Businesses often opt for storage units rather than filling precious retail or office space with bulky items.
  • Summer Storage – College students who do not want to bring all of their things home for the summer use storage units on a short-term basis until the following semester.

Are you looking for Self Storage units in London?

Did you know that “Self Storage Units in London” is a DIY (do-it-yourself) storage option in addition to expensive storage rates? SMARTBOX Storage, unlike self-storage alternatives, takes the hassle out of storage so you can enjoy the hassle-free times that come with it.

An easy storage solution here is much better than traditional Self Storage Units. SMARTBOX Storage offers pickup and delivery as part of the service.

SMARTBOX storage is an easy and cheap storage option without the struggle. What sets us apart from the competition is the better value, hassle-free storage that starts with pickup, includes secure storage and concludes with reliable return delivery options for packing/unpacking.

This is what full-service storage looks like. Our storage units are 45% cheaper than traditional Self Storage in London. Call us today to schedule a pickup, or call 0800533 5677 or 0207 205 2733

SMARTBOX Storage Units London is a hassle-free alternative.

Before you choose Storage Units London, you may want to know the prices.SMARTBOX Storage is 45% cheaper than traditional self-storage options.

Pack your belongings and schedule a pickup with SMARTBOX storage, which is affordable and costs a fraction of the cost of self storage in London. We bring the storage units to you and gather all the belongings you want us to store.

We’ll take care of the rest if you need boxes and packaging; we supply and pack the contents. When you need anything back, schedule a delivery. We’ll have it back in no time.

Londoners had to lug boxes to a storage unit drive for years and spend hours digging through those boxes to find their sweater. SMARTBOX storage can deliver what you want when you need it.

Imagine a service where someone picks up and redelivers everything for you, leaving you to do whatever you want is one of the added benefits of SMARTBOX storage over conventional self storage in London.

Cheap storage units in London. Reasons you may need one.

SMARTBOX Storage is the most affordable, cheap storage unit in London. It is a flexible and reliable storage solution in London and its surroundings.

In between House Moves.

Maybe you have a few weeks before the new house is ready. Do you need storage between moves? We’ll store your goods in one of our secure local Storage Facilities and deliver them to your new location when you need it

Long-term storage after downsizing.
When you move to a smaller house, you don’t need to get rid of valuable belongings. You can securely store your valuables in one of our SMARTBOX Containers for as long as you want.

Home staging and decluttering.

It is incredible how much of a positive effect decluttering your home can have, and free space is often at a premium in modern homes and flats. When preparing your house for sale, store your excess furniture and belongings to allow prospective buyers to see your home, not what is in it.

Travelling or moving abroad.

If you get the chance for an extended break or to work abroad, self-storage can come into its own. It is useful both for homeowners and renters.

Renovation and construction.

Store your belongings in a SMARTBOX container to protect them from dirt, dust, and demolition. If the builders are due, erecting a new conservatory or extension would be ideal to house your valuables while the work is ongoing.

Gap year.

Many students travel a year before entering the wide world of work! However, many find that they have nowhere to store their belongings between the end of university and when renting a house comes around on their return.

Are you searching for storage units near me?

It is good to save money in good and bad times, “Storage units near me” may not be the best viable option; it may be expensive do-it-yourself. With SMARTBOX Storage, it’s easy and eliminates any hassle of finding storage units near me because we do all the collection and delivery for you—one less thing to worry about regardless of the locations near or far afield.

As a full-service moving and storage company, SMARTBOX Storage prides itself on delivering high-quality services without sacrificing customer service. Our team of movers works with you to ensure everything is handled with extreme care.

Once you call, we can schedule a pick-up time for your belongings. Our team will then safely transport them to our state-of-the-art storage facility, where they can stay for as long as you need them to. With temperature control and other special features, you can rest easy knowing we have them in our care.

When you are ready, contact our team to have them repack your items in our trucks and bring them to your new location. You can have us bring over some or all of your items, depending on when you need them most. We inventory them all to keep track of them for easier access.