If you’re storing your belongings, you need Storage and Ship Services abroad when you are done. SMARTBOX Storage offers an affordable and more convenient shipping and storage solution.

You’ll never have to visit a self-storage building in person again. Think about that for a moment. If you’d like to use our Storage and Ship Services, contact us today or get a free online quote.

When you decide to use our Storage and Ship Services, you can be confident that we will handle every aspect of the process. No matter the size of your shipment, we can ship it to almost any location by sea or air and provide door-to-door delivery. We will take care of the export packing of your goods, customs clearance, and effortless delivery to the destination.

We can ship virtually anywhere using our Storage and Ship Services, by road, sea, or air.

  • Export packing
  • Door-to-door service
  • Sole use and shared containers
  • Box shipping
  • Express airfreight

We are thrilled to announce that we have revamped our storage and ship services and are now offering optional services for our storage customers who are moving overseas.

If you travel abroad, send items to a friend overseas, or emigrate for a fresh start, you will want a quick and easy way to send goods overseas, and SMARTBOX Storage can help regardless of quantity.

We send over 2,000 overseas shipping and removal consignments every year, and each one starts with requesting a quote or a survey.

You can learn more about how the shipping process works. You will be assigned a move coordinator to ensure there is always a person to answer queries, keep your move organized, provide quotes, and outline an international moving strategy that follows your budget, timeframe, and consignment size.

Your possessions are taken care of to the highest degree on their journey, even when travelling the seas. We start by expertly wrapping using hardy materials, moving boxes, and packaging. Contact us for your shipping requirements today.