Many people in London are struggling with high house prices and choosing to rent instead. Landlords are charging exorbitant prices for small rooms, making it difficult for renters to find affordable options. As a result, more people live with their parents, and finding extra living arrangements and storage space is challenging.
With modern houses getting smaller, making the most of your space is essential. If you’re looking for affordable long-term storage solutions in London, it’s worth considering options that won’t break the bank.
If you need additional storage space, it’s essential to consider your options carefully. You could opt for traditional self-storage companies, but remember that they often have high rates and frequent price increases. You’ll also need to move your belongings in and out of the facility.
On the other hand, you could choose a more affordable and convenient option, such as SMARTBOX Storage. Their pick-up and delivery service saves you the hassle of moving your items. SMARTBOX Storage offers various services, including retrieval of stored items and worldwide delivery. It’s incredibly convenient and worth considering if you want a stress-free storage solution.
I understand that storage costs can be pretty high, and it’s frustrating to feel you’re being taken advantage of. It’s important to know that there are better options out there. A close friend recently discovered that she had been paying a fortune for a traditional storage unit that charged over £358 per week, which is over £1600 per month for 200 sqft in Fulham and Central London.
It’s no wonder that she was feeling frustrated and discouraged. Everyone deserves affordable and practical storage solutions that work for them, and I encourage you to explore all your options. Renting an empty property and storing your goods could be a great alternative, and other storage companies offer more reasonable prices. Don’t give up hope; keep searching until you find the right fit.

The cost of Self Storage in London.

16 sqft units £35 p/m
25 sqft units – £42 p/w
35 sqft units – £66.69 p/w
50 sqft units – £71.53
70 sqft units – £85.15

“I came across an article which I wanted to share with you. According to Jordan Williams, who handles the sale for Quilliam Property Services in Brentford, first-time buyers in London may find it hard to afford a house, but they can consider something more modest. A tiny 5ft by 12ft walk-in cupboard has recently been put on the market for £7,500, which proves that space is at a premium in the crowded housing market of the capital.

This cupboard, located in the Brentford Dock Estate in west London, is being sold as an additional storage space for residents. According to the Rightmove listing, it is a perfect storage space for a pushchair or pieces of furniture. Jordan Williams expects a lot of interest in the cupboard, which can be used as an airing cupboard or to store suitcases, bicycles, memorabilia, or photographs that people don’t have room for at home. After all, everyone likes a bit of extra storage.”

If you’re looking for a sensible storage option, consider Smartbox Cheap Storage London. They can provide you with the perfect storage solution.