Our “short term storage” services in London provide access to secure, climate-controlled facilities designed to keep your belongings safe from damage. Whether you require storage for a brief period of a few weeks, an extended duration of several months, or up to a year, our flexible short term storage and moving options are tailored to meet your specific storage needs.

When to consider short term storage

Short term storage offers a convenient and temporary solution for managing your home or workplace space.

This type of storage is designed for fewer than three months, providing the flexibility to accommodate your needs during transitions such as house moves, home renovations, or when children return home from university for an extended summer break.

It serves as a cost-effective and efficient means to safeguard your belongings for a brief duration. Gaining a clear understanding of the distinctions between short term storage and long-term storage can empower you to make well-informed decisions when evaluating storage options.

When getting ready for short term storage and moving with SMARTBOX Storage.

At the beginning of the storage process, we meticulously create a comprehensive inventory list of all the items that will be stored. Each of your possessions undergoes a thorough inspection, and we carefully record their condition before placing them in short-term storage.

Following this, our skilled professionals take great care to wrap each of your furniture pieces to ensure they are well-protected during their time in storage. Your moving coordinator will then work with you to schedule a pickup day and time. Your belongings will be expertly loaded onto our trucks on the designated moving day.

Upon reaching our storage facility, we take great care to unload your items into the designated storage unit reserved exclusively for your move. The unit is securely locked, and access is restricted solely to our Logistics and Operations managers.

SMARTBOX Storage proudly offers affordable short-term storage solutions. With our short-term storage, you can quickly return your items to your preferred location. Take the first step by filling out our quotation form to get your personalized quote today.