“Clothes Storage London” is a service dedicated to off-season clothes storage by SMARTwardrobe. As the seasons change from summer to fall or winter to spring, the scenery around us transforms, and so does our wardrobe, whether you are a fashionista or trendsetter with extensive wardrobes and limited closet spaces.

SMARTwardrobe offers seasonal clothes storage in London, making it easy to transition your wardrobe between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.

With SMARTwardrobe, you are entitled to a seasonal wardrobe swap at the beginning of each new season or at any time upon request to adjust your wardrobe to the changing weather.

This low-cost monthly subscription service provides free initial pickup and scheduled delivery when you make a wardrobe swap. Need an item in between storage? It’s not an issue; we’ll bring it over.

Organize your Seasonal Clothes Storage with SMARTwardrobe.

We will create an online photo catalogue once you organize your clothes and accessories in our virtual SMARTWardrobe. This way, you will never forget what you have packed. We will deliver something from your catalogue whenever you need it. It’s that simple. So, why wait? Get started today!

Why SMARTwardrobe is an extension of your home.

Do you have too little wardrobe space? It is time to reorganize. SMARTWardrobe’s “seasonal clothes storage” services enable you to store winter clothing and swap it for summer gear, all in a single monthly subscription plan.

Living in a fashion capital like London means your wardrobe can be an extension of your personality. A new season can be exciting if you’re passionate about the latest clothing trends.

However, if you feel your wardrobe is overcrowded, it’s time to face the truth: you need more space.

Decluttering your wardrobe can be an empowering experience. You can free up space by storing away clothes you don’t wear often and swapping them when needed.

Free collection is on us.

We pick up, store, and re-deliver off-season clothing or items two times a year, free of charge, allowing customers to swap when the weather changes.

And seriously, you won’t reach for that winter coat or summer clothes in the winter, so why waste precious wardrobe space?

Regardless of where you live, seasonal climate changes will affect your clothing choices. Keeping all your year-round clothing in your wardrobe creates unnecessary visual clutter.

The minimum subscription is 6 months, and the initial free collection and one delivery are included in the package. You can request additional containers or upgrade your package at any time.

Any additional request in between the storage will incur collection and delivery charges.

How does it work?

When the seasons start to change, our wardrobes also need to change. The sweaters, coats, gloves, hats, and thermals we depended on for warmth are now useless. That is good news, as these items occupy much space in our wardrobes.

Now that spring is here, we are beyond ready to lighten their load and put away our bulky outerwear and winter clothing.

SMARTwardrobe provides a virtual solution to store off-season clothes storage and stay organized.

Step 1

Request how many storage containers you need, wardrobe boxes, and golf boxes this can be brought on the day for you to pack your belongings while we wait or before pickup.

Step 2

Schedule your first free pickup

Step 3

Time to swap for the season! We’ll pick up your summer gear and drop off your winter stuff. The swap allows you to rotate as the weather changes delivery is free of charge. ( One free delivery per year)

Declutter your wardrobe by utilizing “SMART Wardrobe” services, which offer the peace of mind of an organized space without sacrificing the belongings that mean the most.

Schedule a free pickup, and choose a plan that works for you today.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 0800 533 5677   0207 205 2733

Alternatively, email – smartwardrobe@smartboxselfstorage.co.uk

If you plan to store clothing for a while to ensure it is in pristine condition, check out our clothes storage tips on How to store clothes for Long Term.

Choose a storage plan that works for you.

Contact us with your options today

Storage plan 1

Up to 5 boxes or 3 boxes + wardrobe box. Subscription plan per month: £73.00

Storage plan 2

Up to 7 boxes or 5 boxes + wardrobe box Subscription plan per month: £89

Storage plan 3

Up to 10 boxes or 7 boxes + 2 Subscription plan per month: £99

Storage plan 4

Up to 12 boxes or 8 boxes + 2 Subscription plan per month: £119

Storage Plan 5

A customised plan to suit your needs Email us with your requirements: smartwardrobe@smartboxselfstorage.co.uk

After you’ve scheduled a pickup appointment, we’ll send you container boxes based on the storage plan you choose.

Email us if you need to upgrade and need more storage containers or wardrobe boxes and we’ll try to send them before your pickup date.

If we’re unable to get them to you earlier we will bring them for you to pack during your appointments.

The initial pickup is free of charge as part of the package.

Additional storage containers will be charged at £9.95 p/m for each. If you would like to add items to your storage, please contact us to schedule a collection.

Our specialist breathable 60 litres of storage boxes measure H40 x W40 x D60 CM. Strong and secure clip handles. Containers are made from 100% recycled material manufactured in the UK.

Two padlock holes on either side of each box for added securities.

These can be used to store footwear, trousers, knitwear, t-shirts, hats, bags, belts or scarves.

We can carefully pack and be in and out of your home quickly if the items are already set aside.

If you request a consultation, our expert will spend as much time as you need helping you select items for safekeeping with SMARTBOX storage. Contact us at smartwardrobe@smartboxselfstorage.co.uk

We recommend you can book in advance to ensure resources are available during busy periods. However, we can collect usually them within 48 hours. For deliveries, we advise scheduling your appointment for a minimum of 7 days.

We have ranges of packaging you will need from hangers to breathable suit covers. You can visit our box shop for more information.

One initial collection and one delivery when you swap over as the season changes. You can request additional pickup or delivery which will be charged at flat rates.

Yes. You can store golf bags, and ski equipment so.

Yes. Simply cancel your payment methods and request delivery after the initial minimum rental period of 6 months.

Invoices are sent out monthly on the same date.

All our storage units have an individual alarm, secure entry codes, inventory form will have been completed and signed by you at the time of collection. No member of staff has access to your stored goods, movement and access are all tracked and recorded on our system. All containers can be padlocked you will be the only person holding the keys.

A flat fee of £79 within London. Delivery is to the same place as pick up. If you moving to a new destination contact us for pricing.

Temperature control modern warehouse with state of the art surveillance monitoring system 24/7, fully alarmed, gated entrance with access coded. Clean, dry, and free from moisture and humidity.

We offer a free consultation if storing larger amounts. We can visit you before the initial collection to discuss your storage needs and offer advice.

Absolutely! Storing infrequently used ski/sports equipment or holiday clothing with us is a great way to free up space at home.

Yes, Customers may purchase insurance for up to £5,000. For higher value please contact us directly for more details.